The Magic Hour

plot, cast and crew Za Majikku Awa, 2008, Japan,
Genre: Comedy
Original title: ザ・マジックアワー
Plot: Nightclub manager Bingo (Satoshi Tsumbuki) has stolen away the girlfriend (Eri Fukatsu) of his yakuza boss Teshio's (Toshiyuki Nishida) and now he faces an ultimatum: he can introduce the chief to the legendary mysterious hitman 'Phantom Assassin' named Della Togashi or die. As a desperate measure, Bingo decides to hire stuntman/wannabe star Taiki Murata (Koichi Sato) to play the part of the elusive assassin. Believing he will be starring in an epic gangs…...
plot, cast and crew of Magic Hour, The movie


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