The Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God

plot, cast and crew Ahiru to Kamo No Koinrokka, 2007, Japan,
Genre: Drama
Original title: アヒルと鴨のコインロッカー
Plot: Shiina, a newcomer at a university in Sendai, meets his new neighbor, the tall and quirky Kawasaki. Stylish, sociable and smiling Kawasaki is taking Shiina into not only his apartment, but his confidence right away. He tells his new friend he wants to steal a Kojien dictionary for another neighbor — an exchange student from Bhutan — and needs Shiina's help. He also gives Shiina a warning that sounds as loopy as his plan: Beware the owner of a nearby pet sh…...
plot, cast and crew of Foreign Duck, the Native Duck and God in a Coin Locker, The movie


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