Sukiyaki Western Django

plot, cast and crew Sukiyaki Western Django, 2007, Japan,
Genre: Action Western
Original title: スキヤキ ウェスタン ジャンゴ
Plot: After centuries of war, the rival Heike and Genji clans have been reduced to little more than scrappy gangs of ill-kempt stragglers. The Heike led by hot-tempered Kiyomori (Sato Koichi) and the Genji led by criminally cool Yoshitsune (Iseya Yusuke) both catch wind that there's gold to be found in the small, remote town of Yuta. Showdown in little Yuta is inevitable when both clans come rolling into town at the same time. Joining the fray is a mysterious, n…...
plot, cast and crew of Sukiyaki Western Django movie


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