Shonen Merikensack

plot, cast and crew Shonen Merikensakku, 2008, Japan,
Genre: Comedy
Original title: 少年メリケンサック
Plot: A step away from losing her job, record company employee Kanna (Miyazaki Aoi) comes across an awesome punk rock band called Shonen Merikensack on the Internet, and sets out to sign them. With her job on the line, she discovers too late that the video she saw is actually an old clip from the 80s, and the members - bassist Akio (Sato Koichi), guitarist Haruo (Kimura Yuichi), drummer Young (Miyake Hiroki), and vocalist Jimmy (Taguchi Tomorow) - are now all do…...
plot, cast and crew of Shonen Merikensack / Brass Knuckle Boys, The movie


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