Mr. Hong

plot, cast and crew Eodiseonga Nugungae Museunili Saengkimyeon Teulrimeobshi Natananda Hong Ban-Jang, 2004, South Korea,
Genre: Comedy Romance
Plot: You know how it goes, and how it ends, this is no exception. Somehow, maybe because they speak korean, I watched it through and even enjoyed it a bit. Maybe it was because of the Hye-ju and Mi-seon? Or the friendly townsfolk?Hong Ban-jang is truly a strange fellow. The way he treats Yun Hye-ju is not a good way to pick up someone, or treat someone in general. OK, she has a bit of that big city arrogance, but she never did deserve this kind of behavior..Any…...
plot, cast and crew of Mr. Hong movie


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