K-20: Legend of the Mask

plot, cast and crew K-20: Kaijin Niju Menso Den, 2008, Japan,
Genre: Crime Drama
Original title: K-20 怪人二十面相・伝
Plot: The story is set in an alternate world which has taken a different history without WWII shock. 1949, Japan is still under imperial rule, aristocrats continue to thrive since the 19th Century and there is a wide gap between the rich and the poor.A mysterious criminal K-20 (that's short for 'Kaijin Niju-Menso' - the Phantom Thief with 20 faces) with the power to change his appearance steals art and antiques from the rich with incredible ways like magician. P…...
plot, cast and crew of K-20: Legend of the Mask movie


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